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Do you know? City of Kohima belongs to which country?

Kaun Banega Crorepati, season 8 is all set for the stage, this August. And its trailer is astonishing. A girl has to take an audience poll to answer a very simple question – “City of Kohima belongs to which country?” You and I are amused and entertained with her ignorance especially when she looks “Chinese” like our eastern counterparts. But as you wait for it, there comes the punchline, ‘Jaante sab hai par maante kitne hai’ (We all know it, but do we really believe in it).  It hit me in the guts and hopefully there are a lot of people like me. So, the friend of yours who looks “Chinese/Nepali”  can live without your lack of discernment.

KBC delivered its tagline,’ Yaha paise hi nahi dil bhi jeete jate hai (This game is not just about winning money but also winning hearts)’ in a heartwarming manner. If you are also eagerly waiting for the show to start, keep up your excitement with India’s favorite TV companion app, ZAPR.

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