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‘Friends with better lives’ to carry on the legacy of HIMYM and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

How I met your mother is coming to an end….Finally!!! It’s time to pass on the legacy of a sitcom which revolves around the lives of a group of obsessive friends who are deranged yet quirky characters. And we do not have to wait because there is a show lined up called ‘Friends with better lives’ .This show is written by the writer and producer of the ,forever in vogue, TV show ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’. They might not be coming for a reunion season but here is a show to fill its shoes or so I wish for.

So the title is a direct innuendo, that the show lives the line ‘grass is always greener the other side’. How different phases of your friend’s lives can unnerve your life choices?? But the comic part would be seeing the cyclical effect between a set of six unique characters. Bobby and Andi is a couple, pregnant with their second kid, who has abandoned its love life. Will is a divorcee flying free from the relationship clutches. Kate is the single woman meeting everyone but a regular dateable guy. And there is a newly hitched couple in Jules and Lowell who can barely keep hands of each other. Variety is there and if the comic timing is achieved, then we might be opportune to watch a great show.
This is not all the fabulous but also it will be aired in India parallel to the US timings. For schedule, updates and live chat around the show download India’s smartest TV app on your Android.

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