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Koffee with Karan: Nargis and Freida were exotic as said by Ranveer Singh!!


This episode was deemed to be inappropriate to be aired at 9 and hence was moved to a more ungentlemanly hour of 11. It was one hour of explicit talk, heavy accents and shrill sounds.

Frieda Pinto was high spirited and comradely. She has been a follower of Bollywood and had no filter on when she spoke about the surgical changes demanded for certain role and her relationship with Dev who is 6 years younger to her. Nargis Fakhri has travelled the world and lived in different cultures, acknowledges India as the most different one. Many a men have made a pass at her and Karan believes, it could be because people presume her to be easy as she is foreign. Can we be more stereotypical?

Freida’s bold dancing in the music video of Gorilla had backing from the boyfriend Dev and this conversation brought out the stripper fantasy of Nargis. Yes, she might be the future bahu of the Chopras and it’s not mine but Karan’s conjecture. And all she could understand of her Rockstar dialogues was “badabadabada” and if you don’t understand your dialogues then it is excusable to give a bland performance I guess especially with a gorgeous face like hers.

Catch the half humorous and over hyped episode of Koffee with Karan on the repeat telecast. There is no better way to keep up with TV than India’s smartest TV Guide and much more. Get now.

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